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Settling in period

We encourage parents to firstly spend an hour or so, sharing with us the needs of your baby; their special preferences, dislikes, habits, comforts, stage of development, and so forth. The more we know, the more we can be “just like home” with the added fun of new faces and things to do!

Helping Your Little Ones Settle

Please feel free to make another couple of visits, one of which you would leave your baby for a short time.

Once your baby has started nursery, we would welcome a phone call or two if you wish, so we can share with you your baby’s day and how much fun they are having! If we have any concerns, we would of course call you!

Our Promise

In entrusting your baby into our care, you can be sure they will be loved and cared for in just the same way as you do, affording you complete peace of mind. That is our promise at Goldcrest.