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Safeguarding your children

If Goldcrest staff have any concerns on a Safeguarding Children issue they will be referred immediately to our Safeguarding Children Officer, Mrs Karen Lefevre.

Procedure to Follow if Needed

All staff have the right to refer should the need arise.

The guidelines that we have been issued from child protection training using guidance from the local Safeguarding Children Board is that we have the right to ask a parent about any mark, bruise, injury that may be present on a child or/if a child is showing behavioural problems which seem unusual.

If Goldcrest staff require advice on how best to handle any situation they will ring 0845 6037627 and ask to speak to the duty social worker.

For urgent situations or out of hours: 0845 6061212.
All referrals will follow guidelines given in the Southend Essex Thurrock (SET) Book.