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Re -opening

Posted May 22nd, 2020

Dear Parent

Later today we would ask all of you to look on the face book page for a tick list.

The list has been devised in order for us to understand the demand for childcare placement at the moment. Karen and I have looked at the safety aspect of bringing the children back to nursery and we feel Stanford-Le-Hope nursery is the safer setting to have a trial run with regard to control of covid 19.

Naturally we understand this is another incumbent to Billericay parents, but it is without a doubt the safer setting with regard to the rules and regulations of how we are required to work at the moment, especially for the logistics of keeping children at distance from each other and the sterilization aspect.

We feel it necessary to explain that if we are to work with the government guidelines then we will require a much bigger staff ratio to how we would normally work.

We are expected to have children in bubbles of no more than 5, our normal ratio would be one member of staff to 8 children in the 3-4 year sector, and this will prove impossible, as we could not control social distancing.

Working through the strategy of having these safe bubbles we would require 3 members of staff to each bubble, in order to allow staff to assist children with toilet breaks, lunch and the constant cleaning required, meaning two more staff members than usual for this ratio. Naturally this means we will be paying two extra staff members that we would not normally require.

With this in mind we are asking you please complete your tick list of whether you require our service from 8am until 6pm per day at the Stanford-Le Hope site. Once we understand the demand we can make the decision as to whether it is viable for us to Un -furlough staff.

We are in a very difficult position as at this point as we have 120 children registered at our settings and only 20 children that may return to us on the 1st June, as you can imagine without an accurate reading of children we cannot know if this will be affordable.

We are looking at every possible angle to open the doors ASAP, but naturally we have to be able to guarantee the staff a salary at the end of each month, the position we are in at the moment is there are far too little children to cover the costs of staff required, if we are to abide to the Covid 19 rules and regulations.

Once we have a very clear and decisive checklist we will write again as to what the best way forward is. Naturally we need to secure the children and staff well -being before anything else and this is why we need to do a possible trial run in the Stanford – Le -Hope site. We would aim to have some staff from each site in order for the children to have a familiar face.

Karen and I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and we can promise you we are doing our very best to try and support with your childcare needs and keep Goldcrest staff within employment and keep the nursery running.

Please all stay safe and well

Thank you

Ellen and Karen