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Nursery terms & conditions

Parents are strongly advised to read thoroughly the Terms and Conditions relating to the registration of your child.

The Small Print

Once you have signed, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions, which then acts as a legally binding contract. (Parents will receive a copy of the signed registration form.)


Completion of the registration form guarantees your child a place on the waiting list and every endeavour will be made to offer a place from the appropriate date. This form should be returned to the nursery before the starting date. At the time of registering, a non-refundable fee of £30.00/£90.00 will be charged.


A minimum of one month’s notice will be required if your child is to change attendance or leave the nursery. This condition is purely to protect the financial status of the nursery, and hence the security and well being of the other children.


Should Christmas Eve fall on a working day, Goldcrest will close the nursery at 3pm Goldcrest also reserves the right to close the nursery earlier should adverse weather prevail.


Goldcrest also reserves the right to close the nursery should adverse weather cause concern to the safeguarding of children, parent’s and staff.

We hope and expect this will be a rare occurrence but in the event of severe weather either overnight or during the school day, our priority has to be the safety of the children and the decision would be made by us on those occasions.