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Nursery key person

The role of your child’s key person is to promote a healthy emotional attachment with your child by providing trust and a secure relationship. The person will follow your child’s pattern, tone and rhythm to develop a deep understanding of their needs.

Keeping you updated

We encourage the key person to have an open communication with you to discuss your child’s emotional and individual needs, this enables us to plan within the nursery and encourage healthy communication.

The Key person is there to act as an advocate for the child, sharing with parents and other practitioners the specific interest and concerns.

How do we do this at Goldcrest

  1. Plan specific opportunities for all children in our care to build secure relationships with key person  by creating opportunities for snuggling in and having one to one time
  2. Making the environment in which the children come into predictable in order for them to feel safe.
  3. Managing times of transition carefully, fully informing the parents of the changes to ensure the key person settles their key child.
  4. Establish ways to support children who struggle with any changes.
  5. Establish a buddy system for your child, should the key person be absent from work or on holiday, the other buddy Key worker will take over and be there to comfort and act for your child’s needs.
  6. Plan for a key person to sit with individual children, focusing on different ways of communicating, for example clapping, singing, smiling, listening and tell time.We call this “Key Times”.
  7. At times of transition such as beginning and end of the day we like to greet and say goodbye to babies and children to encourage a three way relationship with yourselves and your child.
  8. Key person encourage parents to be involved with the nursery as much as possible and always welcome their views. And of course like to know if there are significant events happening at home should they affect your child’s emotional needs
  9. Key person always have a planned time where they can communicate with parents. This enables time for parents and worker to have a shared understanding
  10. Key person plan their time carefully to carry out the main care aspects for your child.

Our goal is to build a bridge between home and day care provision; we are looking to maintain familiar surrounding whilst offering children a challenge and support. We plan your child’s individual needs so they can be happy within their rooms and play within their group.

It is vital to have happiness and comfort within the nursery and this is why the role of the key person is so important.