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Posted March 20th, 2020

Following our announcement that our Nursery will not be open from Monday 23rd March 2020 due to the Government Decision for all education establishments to close, we are now in a position to provide an update of the current plan for the Nursery to continue to provide care provision for our children whose parents are considered ‘Key Workers’.

You can find a full list of ‘Key workers’ can be found on government website and is currently being displayed on news broadcasts, however we can inform you that the list includes:

NHS staff

  • Nursery & Teaching staff
  • Key Public services
  • Local & National government
  • Food & other necessary goods
  • Public safety & national secretaries
  • Transport workers
  • Utilities, communication & financial services

If you feel that you fall into this Key Worker category, please do not hesitate to contact the Nursery and Managers will arrange for your child’s care to be continued.

If your child continues to attend nursery due to you or your partner being a Key Worker, we would require the following from yourselves:

We will operate on a ‘first come, first served basis’ therefore please advise us as soon as possible, should you require your child to attend nursery the following week

  • You will need to bring ‘all’ meals required in for your child on a daily basis: to include Breakfast, Lunch and Tea (if applicable)
  • You will be required to bring your child’s Milk on a daily basis
  • You will be required to bring Nappies & wipes each day
  • By 1pm on a Thursday, we must know your child’s attendance for the following week
  • If you decide after 1pm on the Thursday that you no longer need the place for the following week, you will still be expected to pay the invoice
  • Fees for your child will be payable in advance from beginning of April on a weekly basis.
  • Parents in receipt of Nursery Education free entitlement 15/30 hours will be required to pay nursery fees (to be advised accordingly)
  • If we are unable to staff the nursery due to staff isolation or sickness and we are unable to open the nursery, we will inform you as soon as possible
  • We will continue to monitor children’s temperature and symptoms on a daily basis upon entry to the nursery
  • If your child is unwell or sent home and you have ‘booked’ your child’s place for that week, your invoice is still payable and non refundable
  • Whilst we will endeavour to continue your child’s normal routines at nursery, we hope you will appreciate that we will naturally need to adjust the routines whilst these exceptional circumstances continue, this may include:
  • Mixing of different age children if necessary
  • Records of children’s development, homelink books and other paperwork not being completed

This list of information may not be exhaustive and we will keep you informed of any necessary adjustments we might need to put in place.

We would like to thank you for your kind patience and understanding during this difficult time for us all, and hope very much that by working together co-operatively we will be able to continue our Nursery provision for all of our children once this awful time is over.