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Children 2 to 5 years old

Children between 2 and 5 years enjoy the interaction with each other within the same room. This enables the children to further develop their personal, social and emotional needs and also their speech and language.

Excellent Caring Environment

There are huge benefits to children attending nursery as they learn to share time with their piers and understand the ability of caring and sharing, spending time with children of similar age groups.

We encourage the children to respect themselves and others and feel comfortable with us as they would in a home environment.  We recognise that children will be at different stages of their development and learning, therefore the EYFS (Early year’s foundation stage) enables us to plan and implement suitable activities for every child, ensuring their individual needs are met.

Each child has a key person and the key person will monitor your child within the room, they will then report as to how they are interacting with others and discuss with the parent and manager about their personal needs.

Children react very well within a nursery environment as they are able to play, learn and share emotions with other children and adults. We encourage happiness here at Goldcrest and find a happy child will come into nursery and enjoy their day of learning and Fun.